"SOLOS" Series of Embossed Prints
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Atnegam Eno Atnegam Owt Der Eno Der Owt
Egnaro Eerht Egnaro Enin Egnaro Eno Egnaro Evif
Egnaro Evlewt Egnaro Net Egnaro Nevele Egnaro Neves
Egnaro Owt Egnaro Ruof Egnaro Thgie Egnaro Xis
Esiouqrut Eno Esiouqrut Owt Eulb Eno Eulb Owt
Neerg Eerht Neerg Enin Neerg Eno Neerg Net
Neerg Nevele Neerg Owt Neerg Thgie Neerg Xis
Teloiv Enin Teloiv Eno Teloiv Evif Teloiv Net
Teloiv Neves Teloiv Owt Teloiv Ruof Teloiv Thgie
Teloiv Xis Wolley Eerht Wolley Eno Wolley Owt